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These little helpers are free giveaways.



The font family of Linotype Library GmbH places Euro currency symbols for many different fonts at your disposal. EuroMoneyXT simplifies dealing with this font family when you are working with QuarkXPress, because it inserts the matching Euro symbol via a user definable keyboard shortcut. To make use of EuroMoneyXT you will need the font family Linotype EuroFont, which must be purchased separately. EuroMoneyXT is a free part or every copy of the Linotype EuroFont package.

Download EuroMoneyXT



Sometimes you would like to protect a QuarkXPress document against unauthorized access. This may be the case when you split up with one of your clients and they want to get their hands onto the layout files but still have to pay some invoices. In this case you may protects your QuarkXPress documents with MetaLockXT and give the protected documents together with MetaLockXT to the client. When all invoices are paid, tell them the password and now they will be able to access the data or remove the protection.

Download MetaLockXT



Some of the most frequently accessed settings of QuarkXPress are character formats and some of the paragraph formats. But while you may access most of the character formats through the measurements palette, there is no such thing for the paragraph formats. ParaPalette finishes calling the Formats dialog and gives you a palette window contaning the most frequently used paragraph format settings in a compact presentation.

Download ParaPalette



You are using TypoPlus-XTension on several work stations but do not want to buy an extra copy of the retail product for every user in the reproduction departement?
You are a proud owner of TypoPlus-XTension but your service provider is not?
You want to send a document to your customer but have worked with underlines?

For all these cases we developed TypoPlus-Viewer.

Why do you need this - technically speaking:
If you want to work on a document that contains underlines created by TypoPlus-XTension, or if you want to print such a document, there must be a copy of either TypoPlus-XTension itself or of TypoPlus-Viewer installed.

Should none of these extensions be installed, some versions of QuarkXPress will give you an error messages that there is an XTension missing. In this case, you may still open the document, there is usually no rebreak. But all underlines created by TypoPlus-XTension will show only if either TypoPlus-XTension or TypoPlus-Viewer has been loaded.

Download TypoPlus-Viewer


System Requirements

As long as not stated differently:

  • QuarkXPress 3.3 for Macintosh or PowerMacintosh (compatible with QuarkXPress 4.0 – 4.1x)
  • Mac OS 7, 8 or 9
  • PostScript font in Adobe-Type-1 format or TrueType fonts (only for TypoPlus-Viewer)
  • EuroMoneyXT required the font family Linotype EuroFont, which must be purchased separately.

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