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Productivity for Working with Images

PicTriX substantially improves productivity when working with image frames, image files and placed images in QuarkXPress. Numerous menu commands for editing of image frames and image files, automated functions which assist in specific situations, and palette boxes for information delivery relieve you of repetitive jobs or simplify complex work operations down to just a few clicks of the mouse.

Function overview:

  • Archive documents together with all image files and other kinds of file used (e.g. in the same folder,
  • Adapt image box shapes in different ways to the loaded images,
  • Cut the link between loaded images and their image files,
  • Rename image files while retaining the file links,
  • Reset the attributes of images in image frames to their default values,
  • Save a list of missing or altered image frames to a text file,
  • Search for missing or modified image files in a folder or volume and all its subfolders based on various search criteria,
  • Update image files that look modified due to a change in the time zone (e.g. from standard time to daylight savings time or vice versa) automatically,
  • Search for and load unopened fonts required for output of EPS images in the current document,
  • Retain settings of the Item/Modify/Picture tab Bildschirmfotowhen loading or inserting the image,
  • Detailed listing of all values known for an image in an image frame. This works even for Adobe Photoshop EPS files!
  • Display all images placed on the pages of the current document and activate or view the associated image frames,
  • Open image files in the application which created the file.

System Requirements

  • QuarkXPress 4.03 for Macintosh or PowerMacintosh or newer version
  • MacOS 7, 8 or 9
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)

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